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FaxSipit How-To

With the rising concern and prevalence of email and phishing attacks organizations are turning to Fax. This is because Fax is a simple yet zero trust way to communicate between organizations. A document transmitted via fax cannot be compromised with malware or other malicious content.
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Differentiate your product offerings with FaxSIPit’s cost-effective faxing service and sign more new business!

Web based faxes from the office and remote. Send and receive faxes in minutes.Avoid the equipment and paper costs of traditional fax machines.Allow clients to send a fax from the web on any device anywhere.

Keep client conversations confidential and provide better service delivery.

Email faxing made easy. Follow the instructions to securely send and receive faxes from anywhere using email on your phone, tablet or computer.Provide fully functional HTTPS email based faxing alongside your VoIP offerings. Reliably send and receive critical documents on any device.

Give your clients the confidence that can only come from working with FaxSIPit’s trusted, reliable and secure faxing.

Simple to use; completely plug and play with reliable and secure fax transmission. FaxSIPit’s white-label ATA offers consistent reliability with maximum security. Offers End-to-End encryption and PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC II compliance.FaxSIPit SecureFax-ATA connects to any Fax Machine or MFP device to any Internet connection or Internet enabled device/modem/hotspot etc.

Grow your business the smart way with SecureFax Services from FaxSIPit.

Full Installation setup plus how to send a fax from any windows application using the File/Print command.Enhance your offering with our Windows Fax Print Driver. Easily add faxing to how people actually work.