Freedom is the key

Every account setup is straightforward and stress-free, thanks to FaxSIPit. There's no need for expensive equipment or complex installations – our virtual service is a hosted white label, customized to your requirements. As the business world transitions towards unified communications, FaxSIPit is at the forefront, offering increased flexibility, freedom, productivity, efficiency, and ease of use. Financial expert Sarah will guide  you on a journey through her world in finance – a whirlwind of numbers, critical decisions, and communication challenges.



Receive to Fax. Receive to Email. Receive to Both.

Every account setup is straightforward with FaxSIPit. There's no need for expensive equipment or complex installations. The FaxSIPit hosted white label portal simplifies customer setup, and our TLS ATA ensures quick and hassle-free deployment. No more frustrated customers or failed faxes. FaxSIPit, powered by SecureFax-ATA technology, revolutionizes healthcare communication, delivering security and compliance. Nurse Michelle will guide you through this transformative journey, helping you navigate the ever-evolving world of modern healthcare with FaxSIPit's cutting-edge solutions.



With great power comes great responsibility

First in the industry, leading in technology, we deliver. Our focus is on providing you with the ultimate combination of control and freedom through a single solution. FaxSIPit empowers you to manage your business while we take care of the fax-related aspects, ensuring complete control and freedom.Whether you are a corporation or government agency obligated to maintain in-house fax servers, we've got you covered. FaxSIPit offers real-time monitoring, built-in redundancy, and eliminates the need for fax hardware boards, all while cutting loop and line charge expenses. Meet Amir, the dedicated educator who will provide insights into his daily routine. His life revolves around facilitating learning, curriculum management, and ensuring a seamless educational experience.


Real Time HTTPS

Incorporating HTTPS into the faxing process ensures that the transmission is secure and protected from interception by unauthorized parties. This method is especially useful when sending sensitive or confidential documents, as it prevents data breaches and maintains document integrity during transmission. By encrypting the data and verifying the authenticity of the recipient's server through HTTPS.


FaxSIPit streamlines fax operations for large organizations by offering real-time monitoring, ensuring that every fax transmission is tracked and dependable. Its built-in redundancy guarantees uninterrupted communication, even in the face of system failures. This service also translates into significant cost savings by eliminating the need for costly hardware boards and reducing loop and line charges.


Fax negotiation is the crucial initial step when sending a fax. It involves a handshake between the sender's and recipient's fax machines to establish communication. During this process, the sending fax machine identifies itself and checks for compatibility with the receiving fax machine, ensuring they can communicate effectively.One key aspect of fax negotiation is selecting a common fax protocol, such as T.30 or T.38, to ensure both machines use the same language for data exchange.